The gallery has come. I have to say that these days I felt it difficult to do anything. It’s one of these moments you know? nothing really works and you end up asking yourself why bother? And even what is for me a passion, became greyish… I don’t feel like anything. I miss excitement but don’t even want to leave my couch. Most of you may say that it is on me. I have to move my buttox to make a change, or change has to come from me… well thank you but I know. I also know that mental illness is not so easy. Because if you are not an extreme case people assume you make up everything to be the victim. And yes, I am a victim of my brain… as my brain controls everything if it decides to mess me up I won’t be able to just ignore… but let’s not ramble to much on this. 

This was an amazing discovery. Açores, specifically, São Miguel was my x-mas gift. One of the best gifts ever. I just fell in love again with Portugal. Because it is so far we tend to forget that it’s us. They are us we are them. Just in an amazing and spectacular decor. we had 20 degrees in january, we went to the thermal pools at night, we saw cats with their own floor-heated spots, we saw volcanic craters that are now beautiful lagoons, we saw waterfalls, corners of simple paradise, cows, sterlitzias and hortensias. Everywhere a green that you couldn’t even imagine possible and everything in a tiny island! We managed to see fin whales and dolphins! All together I just can say one thing, and that is I want to go again! Thank YOU 😘


Love, T.