How does it mean nowadays?

Really, I am asking… I will write though somethings in my mind, but I really can’t answer objectively.

We are trained to dismiss everything, or to support a single trait… but we don’t really understand or support an objective statement. We fight with extreme arguments… when we all know that extreme is what possibly won’t ever define us… every extreme being is a slave of its condition. It can be due to its way of life or its way of thinking… in any case it will restrict its life… it will depend on ideologies that don’t fit with grey areas… like microorganisms that managed the impossible, by surviving the most incompatible environment… although their own existence prove a crucial point, that we have to be open to every possibility, that every statement has to be put carefully to include all that exists… although all of that is extraordinary… they won’t survive in another environment… or eventually will… after some luck and a very long adaptation. The perks of trying to explain everything with “biology” knowledge… or trying to make a psycho-social statement of how everything is an extreme pledge over our beloved internet.

I believe my “crescendo love” for my analog accomplishments is due to the sense of freedom that I feel … because I know my cameras are not connected… because I know that only after all the processes I will see the result… that I made… not only by looking… with everything in it.┬áThis image is about a sunny Sunday… a visit to the botanical garden… the place so quiet in the middle of the city… the city of Bonn.

Somehow, this feels like a 60’s photo. Somehow, we were trained to believe that a certain image, certain tones are about a period. Like the sky was that tone of blue, back then, and somehow we got to HD ten years ago… and 4K now. Somehow here… somehow there…. is totally conceivable to explain a visible fact… but so difficult to apply to ideas… to concepts… Somehow this photo was taken last month…. somehow I developed it 2 days ago…. somehow this is more authentic than our last selfie.

Love, T.