Hello!! Long time no see!!

Oh yeah baby!  I was AWAY!!

With my babies of course (by that I mean my cameras and also my girls, the best OF THE WHOLE WORLD!!!) And I have s**t loads of images to go through, but just to re-sparkle our flame, I wanted to put there the first images I took. So You can understand a bit my first impressions there. I first stopped in Bergamo and then went over to Verona to wait for the beauties to join me. But the adventure started the moment I got off that plane. I was in this airport before, I was around. But this time it was different. It was a necessary escape. Two full weeks of wondering and laugh! So much laugh! SO MUCH! and so many feelings! we had a small condensed intense existence! It was so much and so short at the same time. But now I am going to just show the first emotions there.

Details. Architecture. Plants. Rearrangements.

And pounding hearts! It was everything. It ended.

So I feel a weird nostalgia already. But I’m glad I was there.

Love, T.