Spring has arrived to Germany!!!!! And of course my need for the vitamin D urges me to go out even if no one wants to! After a cleansing last week with the girls being a tourist at home (this will shortly be shared!) I feel like a fresh woman! I have tried to bike as much as I can…. and I have to say I love it! I still suffer quite much going to work since I have to go up the hill and I am not an athletic person (my figure  makes you get it!) but I still try! Good or bad I don’t loose too much time doing it and it’s good enough to feel that I exercise and it is quite enjoyable once the hard part has passed. I am becoming a kind of bike enthusiast (nothing fancy though! I am still the laziest person on earth!!). This is all amazing because I have no problem in going around by myself, but doing it by foot is a bit limiting in terms of time and coverage. This way I can access more interesting parts when I just decide to go and try to get nice pics! 🙃 That is exactly what I did today! Just went around in the bike and the camera and shot!

Warm and sunny are always the best cocktail ingredients for amazing shots. People relax and are happy. We feel human again by leaving our electronic shielded homes and just “be” outside. Alone, accompanied by humans or furry friends (can also not be furry!) anything shows an happier version of us.

If we planned and prepared or just decided on a dare, everyone in his element the way hey decided to some, all are different. But I will share more in the following days. Sometimes with more text sometimes with less. After all this is about the pics! This one is not about humans but about me making a fool of myself trying to make a nice photo with an analog camera, a dandelion and no shame about what it looks like from the outside 🙃. I will be a bit more active in the next days. My photographer’s soul is coming slowly back to me with the sun and the happiness flourishing around me. 

🖤 🐘 

Love, T.