*more than sight. T.


Sorry for the absence… I guess there are times like this…

can we really keep up a routine for ever? do people need it in order to keep their minds of other questions?

does every brain question it’s own existence? since we are aware of us as we are of others, and we are aware of our position and the perception we have of ourself and guess the perception of others… we train ourselves to calculate, to foresee, to guess small events around us based on observations and experiences. All our behaviour is made of choices that add up together… we fantasise so much about “what would have happen” we pinpoint key-moments, blaming them for everything that followed without realising that it just opened a door to another binary choice… and the final addition is what brings you to that moment… of course maybe it was an important choice, or maybe it was a difficult one… maybe we regret it or just like to wander at a parallel universe where this choice was never there… maybe that is why we always pushed for boundaries… some people need something to keep the brain busy and not wander… and it works… apparently… but what if it doesn’t? what if your brain doesn’t fall for the trick? is renewing the feeling of experimenting something new…

the sensation of awe…

it keeps the brain busy… just not for long… and there is only so much we can do… see… 500 years ago we decided to look at the coast an go for it… look at where it goes… because here was not enough anymore… now we went around the world… even if not by ourselves, someone did… and now it’s a business… we need money… and money comes after you provide a service… that keeps you awake and active but bores you eventually… but you need it… so you try to push boundaries somewhere else… personal life.. there is only so much depending on you… and only so much society brings you up to… it’s quite fast to go around it… you might start a arduous job but not long after your brain catches up… or it’s just me?  Maybe I am too harsh… people value greatly their own experience of the same basic story… I am sorry if I call it basic… but if most of people do it… isn’t it just it? I question myself a lot… all of this… why we do it… how do we change it? does it take great people to change things or do they catch a very interesting moment where everything just falls into place? why do invent rules and claim a reward that we might just not get? why can’t we accept the chances we have (good or bad) who decided we can’t be realistic and just focus on the best scenario? Why do we need this reward of life to carry on to be the best versions of us? Why doesn’t it just makes sense? I am in a long text now… I’ll leave it here… hope to come back tomorrow… I have to get out more and start taking pictures again.


Love, T.

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