It is the time for Hello world again! So late so late but only 2 months late… it could be worse! I have been so much into the german learn-ship right now (total OCD border “something slightly more obsessive than OCD…”). Anyway I still have this to share And I think that this discovery is more than worth sharing. This was a week after beautiful praha… and we went on a girls trip to celebrate Andreia’s birthday to budapeste!

I have to say, I had no previous knowledge about it besides it was the capital of hungary! So it was so enlightening to go and see. I mean first, coffee… I mean as a portuguese i am quite conservative the way I want and like my coffee. THere is only one way for me 🙃 but they have a huge coffee culture with these new hipsters places that have different filtration systems etc etc etc! They were everywhere!

Also the contrast between the remains of the rich austro-hungarian empire in certain buildings with the communist occupation was quite striking! And the most marvellous surprise were the ruin bars! Deserted buildings transformed in bars in a disorganised/survival way! LOVE LOVE LOVE! So I can only recommend to go there! Go visit and enjoy!!!


Love, T.

PS: Budapeste is the merge of two cities. Buda, with the castle, on the left side of the danube and Peste where the government siege is! The Best view is Buda over Peste!