Sometimes I am amazed at the world. We claim to be the superior species right? I mean cockroaches can survive nuclear explosions and plants can regrow in affected areas or like in this case, in what was before the inside of a volcano. I mean, at some point lava went down and somehow you have flowers growing back there. I had my back stiff for 2 days, my life stopped.

I couldn’t move! We are so small.

We are so insignificant when something stops working. It depends of course on what stopped working, but someone that never had a major challenge physically, because a small whining lil’ bitch as soon something in our core stops functioning right! I am the queen of lil’ bitch whining! Truth is I am like this because I had a unhealthy lifestyle all my life, an because I didn’t have a major repercussion before I somehow thought I was special… but guess what?!

I am not!

And I guess most of people aren’t. Some might be slightly lucky with the genetics, but karma is a big bitch and she’ll get you!

Going on 30 soon, couldn’t be happier to FINALLY enter the age where FUCK THIS will be by out loud motto and people will relate or just don’t care because I lost my value or something! unfortunately all this wisdom is not coming with a brand new vehicle! I didn’t care for it this last 14 years and now I am paying because some pieces don’t work anymore, namely my back!

Ironically, I wanted to show how some life can circumvent all difficulties like HELL and still grow, have beautiful flowers, and will be there long long after we all go down. Here is for the daily wisdom!



Love, T.