Carnival is always something around here! I have been quite absent I must admit that this little thing called a PhD is more a pain than I ever thought! Hopefully it will be over soon (I hope, I wish, I despair!) Anyway 🙂 I am liking my new hobby! After experimenting (And kind of failing!) with colour development Now it is the time to experiment other kinds of films 🙂 this time the xp2 super 400 from ilford. So this film is supposed to create a higher contrast and it gives this kind of old style…

It sheds a very romantic and timeless look to a photo.

In this roll (as I am getting used to save a bit my films) I had different little escapes but the first one is about a little escape. First I destroyed the first film I tried to develop in black and white 😛 I underestimated the need to slowly turn the container and just went dramatic on the shaking… as a result I think I didn’t stop the print process and everything just went dark 😛 so I lost about 36 memories but it is ok… because I don’t have the romantic hold of it… I don’t know what I lost and I loved the escape and remember it quite well anyway so it’s fine!

As I started, I talked about the craziness of carnival around here… so this time and with some marvellous people we just decided to go away and just be, just exist (This is something from my beautiful Joana’s book of life expressions). SO we just existed for a weekend. We moved with no agenda, no real objective than just be somewhere else. No upset, no calculated trips… Just moving with our own time and enjoy. And my camera captured this.



Love, T.