Hello world!

I know I keep on promising that I will be there more often and then I don’t! I know it is bad, but I am not dedicated to become an instagram star. I like to share but I have other things going on… plus I like to nap so much πŸ™ƒ sleeping is love, it is life!

Nevertheless I want to really do a post a month AT LEAST! Don”t feel confuse if I do more, but I doubt it! I am starting some artistic hobbies so I get a little distracted. Don’t mind me, I still keep on bringing my cameras when I travel! It is just not the same when it is work travel and the last 3 months have been soΒ  complicated that I have things to share I just am a bit behind because I am taking care of myself,

I am putting myself first!

This series was a day only in DC. I went there for work and only had a day and a half free, and the half day was spent in a art museum (AMAZING and FREE! πŸ–€).

But on this day (saturday) it was super sunny and I walk around to go check the monument and go through Lincoln memorial passing through the Vietnam war memorial and WWII memorial. Finishing by a sneak peek of the capitol and then back to the hotel because it was cold.

I have to say I was never interested particularly in visiting washington, but it was a very nice visit. People were very nice and I felt quite safe. I saw some sights that I only had seen in the movies and that is always fun!

I’ll go back in October but this time I will have more company! πŸ˜› until then hugs and kisses!



Love, T.