These Christmas days before IT are always CRAZY! I mean, it seems that everyone freaks out like it’s the end of the world and now they start to make plans to meet and celebrate life and you find yourself in the middle of a “no rest week”. So there is the explanation for my delay. Oh I love making and publishing these pics… but with a full time job, friends and more it makes it hard in these cases! Although I try! I don’t mean to make something serious out of it. It depends to much on luck and circumstances for me to pursue it as a “life money maker hobby”.

Anyway. Here is some experimentation. Not only I followed Marcel into his favorite-life-long-love band concert! It was something! First managing to be on the closest and then trying to enjoy while being disabled 😂 And I wanted to make pics! Of course not with my big one but with the one I love and I don’t fear of breaking! Also it makes every image unpredictable. I can mess it up while taking and also developing! In that case it might have been both 😛 I tried to use another set of chemicals not knowing. So that was what I could get from it 😏 I am not unsatisfied. Every time I do analog I am never disappointed! I love the surprise! With digital you have sometimes an image in mind that you can check and repeat until you get it. With this you have an idea while taking it, but not being immediate you tend to forget your purpose. So you are always surprised and most of the time happy! The concert was something! Tumultuous, full of life and I could see Marcel very happy and a lot of other people!! ❤ 

Die Toten Hosen, es war sehr geil!

Danke! Love, T.