Hello dear followers!! (ahaha so solemn it would almost sound like it’s official or something! 😉 Oh well… Little problems with technology… sorry!

So until I can come back with the beautiful finale of Italia con le raggazze belle: I thought about sharing this weekends get away because ANALOG did not let me down!!

So this get away was a nice surprise… about to meet up with my favourite of all! Mister SEA!! this one is a little different from my own… COLDER for sure… but still got me the feels!! Oh there is no feeling like walking down the beach… the sea cost will always be a refuge and a calmer… there is no better way to find balance… the view the sound the taste… nothing better than go home and feel your own lips salty! I was lucky to be taken there and as a result you’ll find a recurrent model! Nice hein?

Domburg under sea level! The Netherlands, Holland! A pleasure!

It was freaking cold ❄ but it was simply lovely ❤ 

Thank YOU 😘 

Love, T.