Dublin Analog part II. 

Here is the second part of the Irish analog collection. The complete gallery will come soon, and it will have nice, sharp images. But again I wanted to share a bit of my initiation into analog photography. And again, I am sharing all that I love about it. And you can tell me that I have here unfocused images and not well developed, but what if that was what I wanted to get!

All this perfection culture that we seek drives us crazy nowadays. I was born into a world where pictures were analog. I sure went fast into digital (easy!! more convenient, faster and even cheaper…). But where does it make it sense? Nowadays, if you take a picture, people have their “Instagram face” prepared. They will make you show them the result and you need their approval to keep a photo. Even in a group picture we will look at ourselves, judge our face, and judge the whole picture based on us (we don’t really care if our friends look aweful!). And what kills me, is that attitude is transmitted to everything! It doesn’t matter if this was a memory of an amazing time. Instead of being grateful to have a still image of a beautiful moment we feel the need to be judged “mainstream beautiful” to approve it. This is not even our real standards. This is what we are used to as a beauty image and everything beneath that is not good enough.

I love this imperfection. Like I love Dublin, and again loved re-discovering it! I love that O’Neills pic is unfocused because I clicked to early 😀 I love that the colors are messed up because I am not yet a very good developer. I love that I managed to have amazing shots of mummies with a camera that costed me 10€ in a fleamarket. I love that I have Marcel as a model tourist of my images. And I love that all seem old when they where just captured differently!

So here I present you, Dublin Analog part II soon to be part of my Dublin Gallery. Here you can see what I saw, and how I captured in and I hope you see how I loved it.

Love, T.