Back to analog experimentation!

Dublin goes analog part 1. Bad thing with analog, is that you have to wait for the film to be finished before developing! And of course, you won’t let your anxious personality throw out precious film. So you learn to wait. The whole process teaches you that! You have to wait. the memory was engraved. Good or bad you will have a fraction of it unless you mess up the development. So you learn how to be careful, how to savour and long for it. 

Of course when I talk like that, so deep 😛 I talk about me. I am just trying to analyse and describe myself as an outsider. I am sometimes an outsider, for my own self. I guess (or at least that is how I perceive it, since I cannot be in other people’s heads), that we all are a mix of different personalities. We just don’t dissociate them into different characters. We are the same age, height, weight, colour, orientation, beliefs. But we act, live, love and feel differently. It can depend on the weather, the stress level, or even just the time of the day. Oh… I am digressing… Dublin Analog.

The preciousness of a memory that you have to unveil with a certain effort. You have to work for it, which increases the waiting time, expectation but also erases a bit the real memory… I know! complicated right? You put all this mess into a pic? Seriously? when you have your phone which does HDR so close? Crazy!

Anyway!! 😛 I am a mess I know!!!

I am also very passionate. Can you believe all these things I go through with just taking a picture? Not even professionally, we all know you have to be lucky and so much more talented to make it.  But I really love it. And maybe I am biased, but I kind of feel and see myself in them. I feel like for the first time I made my identity into something real not only abstract. That is why it is becoming something rather important. That is why I am carrying all my photographs. Because I want me to be something more real than just what I feel.

Does it make sense?

As I said in my previous post Dublin is a special place for me. It will always be. And this time it was COMPLETELY different, but as good! As I said, THANK YOU Norrie for the patience and for making this so much more fun and authentic and crazy. Thank you Marcel for taking me there and being there and just coping with me as I cope with you. I know it seems bad the way I say it, but if you know me you know the way I mean it! <3

Here there is some Dublin analog. Messed up by the acquisition or by the handling or by the chemistry… In every way, it’s perfectly flawed, as it accumulates memories in a sublayer manner.

I love these pics. Unfocused, discoloured, scratched. You still understand it. The moment, the feeling.

It’s Dublin.

Analog Dublin.

With Norrie, Marcel and I. With a Guinness and the Ha’penny bridge. With a jacket from the Toten Hosen and a statue of James Joyce. With friends facing after years of friendship. It’s friendship happening. It’s photography learning. It’s memories in the making. It’s perfect imperfection rudely displayed in the most beautiful way.

Love, T.