Baile Átha Cliath.




How I missed you! And suddenly I am missing you already! That is not fair!!

I feel like I have to meet more of you, Éire. You are some kind of insane beauty!

How much more “you” can you be?

It always feels like I am in another planet. You are not tropical, your summer is non existing, unless you count some minutes of it in the day, where all the other seasons popped up!

You are a mix of pain and love! You are a mix of hopeless and shine. You are almost “someone” by yourself.

This uniqueness, this special something that you only feel when you are there.

Tourists are a plague, they try to destroy your essence, but the feeling that stays at the end is always this weird fascination!

You are unique, and I want to know more of you, Éire!

This was special because I was with 2 beautiful persons!

Thank you Norrie!! <3

You made it undoubtedly special!! Thank you for teaching me what “Feckin eejit!” means! Thank you for the pints and the babies! Thank you for the food, and the bars and for the cigarettes! Thank you for showing us treasures! Thanks for being a tourist, a leprechaun and a sarcastic screaming vicking! Thank you for walking 1000+ steps with us! Thank you for the fudge! Thanks for the trips at Carrolls and being lost in Trinity (uuurghhhh!!!)

Thank you!