Oh how I love images that display in it the energy that you experience live!!


Of course I might seem a bit biased since I date one of the musicians…


I really enjoy them.

Their energy.

And don’t take me as an “energy” person… I don’t mean to enter in dangerous routes here!

This blog doesn’t have the presumption of being at all spiritual.

This is my space that I want to share with you.

You… there.

I don’t actually know if there is a you 😛

Nevertheless I try to express myself…

If you go to older posts you might noticed that most didn’t include much text.

I mainly want to communicate by my photos… but I also want to explain myself a bit…

I know that I am not that easy to get… hence some more text recently.

these photos though…

they reflect, as I see it, what this group is about.

Different personalities, very distinct but equally strong! That together form this group!

With all the fun and passion that you would expect… and even a bit more fun 😉

It’s not a photo that is technically beautiful.

But that was what I saw in the Blue Shell in Cologne.

For me, that is HEREDITARY.