Here we are! We survived the horrendous Wednesday!

Son of the terrible work’s week agony!The cap we have to pass to finally collect the last of the remaining energy to sprint til the end! We have to hang in there right?

Anyway, just because we have to do it over and over again!

Occasionally we have our escapes! Either somewhere or we just escape the cycle of work-home-bed we endure…

Well of course you will have the people socially interacting citing great proverbs saying “if you do what you love you won’t have to work a day of your life”. Well I don’t doubt people might feel this way.

What I doubt is the universality of the sentence. Not everyone has a “purpose” not everyone wants one. It comes with a price. When you go full on your passion, you leave little space for everything else.

When you get bored or fed up with a known journey, like myself, you can easily loose interest. What was once your life purpose becomes the “last year” passion, or the “once upon a time hobby…”

It doesn’t mean we didn’t like it, just means we are not happy with only one thing, it means we can’t just focus on a single point when we see the rest of the stars in the sky 🙃 👣 just wiggle your “happy feet” and think!

Tomorrow is Thursday and then it’s pre-weekend and the ☀ is shining!! 


Love, T.