Hello world! how are you?!

I could be better I have to admit.

Being myself, well, it comes with some uneasy periods! Let’s say that when I am at my peak I either love life at is max like my heart would burst, or I just tsunami my brain with electrical waves that messes me up so much I can barely breathe. It’s the perks of living on edges. And when depression sets you loose all, which is the next step if the tsunami was to strong. But I am fighting it! so fingers-crossed I get out of bed in the next month! Let’s leave my introductory “good morning sunshine” preface  and write a little about what this magnificent pic means to me. I know, does not seem something huge immediately but believe me, there is something in it!

Amazing that I send it to the model, and she immediately LOVES IT! Joana must be my favourite human model. Cause she doesn’t even try! She just is her. She is one of these persons that could never pass for something else. You know, the extreme opposite of these people you know that cannot live a life without pretending. The ones that being fake is part of them so much that it would be fake for them not to be fake! (OUCH! Got it??) Well Joana is not that. When you know her you immediately know what I mean! And that is why she is my best model. Because every time I capture something with her you feel how genuine it is!!!

But if you don’t (and not go to her profile or previous photos…) what do you see here? Because we always fantasise about how other people see us, but from behind it is even more tricky! Not knowing the face, how it moves, how can you see, WHAT DO YOU SEE? Our brain this powerful tool that makes us the person we are, that can deteriorate to change in a way not understandable…

This brain never stops working, and always tries to fill in the gaps. I think first it tries to find the people you know that are closer to fit with this angle you are seeing, you make a human patchwork in your brain, that can EVEN get to the point that you are convinced that the human you see from the back is what it is.

So much, that your heart almost skips a bit when the person turns, and turns out not to be what you designed inside of you. Not because it is better or worse, just because you created a small reality that just ceased to exist, and all of thin in 3 milliseconds.

Think about it!

I’m gonna have a beer 🙃because it is the BFB summerparty!

🐘☀️🖤 Love, T.