Since it has been almost 3 weeks since I posted and I feel that I shouldn’t even call myself an “amateur photographer” anymore… I won’t make a fuss. Truth is My life has been complicated and although I love pictures, I love to paint and I love to knit…

What I love most is still sleeping and I needed that a lot. I needed a vacation from my head… and since I can’t do that the next best thing was lethargy.

In any case it’s coming back slowly! I have plenty of trips to share more, but the one now is HELGOLAND!!! What can I say about that?! Historically it is super interesting. It is german, but also wasn’t for a long time, and people there like to be more “from Helgoland” than from Germany. They are tax free so MAAAAAANYYYYY come to buy perfumes, alcohol and tobacco!! It is a niche for real biologists that study full animals (not like me!). We saw a COLONY of birds (the smell…oh the smell!!) I don’t remember which but beautiful (you can see!).

And we saw SEALS!!!!!!


SWIMMING WITH US (Scary! Friendly remember: these are still wild animals that could barely move on land but are gracious and FAST on water so careful!!!) ENjoy the views I present to you! And if you can, go have a look because it is something else!!!


Love, T.