*Me* and *life*

Who is who?

Hello again! My little absence is over. Of course there is no result for me but I had to try. Getting a serious and free contest with a directed theme.It was fun and I had little helpers!! 🙂 So I am a bit back so to say… I don’t have something new since I am in my waiting period… for new and exciting adventures (and complicated right now! thank you Ryanair!)

So I was back to some of my nice pics… And of course… when I feel weird and a bit lost… I try to find the image that mirrors me! The visit at the zoo was simply amazing!! 😍 And I could see my favourite babes!!! Little lefas!!! At this time there was some youngsters! And a little baby of a month! I love these animals… I feel so close to them! They are simply the best!

First they are just the cutest, and they immediately put a smile in your face! Immediately! They are the sweetest, and they just help each other so much, they seem so reliable! On top of that they are the laziest and cuddliest cuties!! Somehow all of this is wrapped in strange uncoordinated weirdness. And right now that is just how I feel.

This weird cuddly place that somehow is not comfy, not well thought and not practical… but just perfectly me!

Love, T.