Hello people! Here we go, tomorrow is the scary Monday. So I was again looking and the last break I had in Tenerife and I asked myself the eternal question: what is the best way to enter in the Atlantic water? I don’t know if you are familiar but it is pretty large ocean full of ice in certain parts and as the laws of thermo dynamics say… well even if you are burning the water will be always F***ing COLD!

I mean, it transforms male genitalia into female. And have you ever noticed how we women tend to hold our boobs while entering like it’s going to do something?? REALLY?! (I am making fun of it but I do it! And I still don’t understand why!)

I was more of an adventurer as a young creature, so now I just take ages… holding my boobs until I decide that I am ready to die and just put my shoulders underwater.

But let’s face it, the more we let the agony stay, the less we are enjoying the “refreshness” and amazing feeling that is bathing in the sea.

Best is always prepare for battle in your head and just jump in like it is your last moment of freedom! Like a warrior facing certain death just go and let’s try to figure out if there is life after death (which makes no sense but let’s not enter the debate!).

In all this poetry, let’s look at this marvellous instance captured by my camera and think that instead of dreading Monday like a plague, just let’s see it like certain death and let’s go like we live or die but we don’t stay to long in the middle!!

So my fellow warriors, let us tomorrow jump in work, jump in Summer, jump in afternoon sun in the park with a beer, jump in the air, jump in the freaking SEA, jump in LIFE!

Thank you, see you 🙃


Love, T.