I am now posting galleries in the posts too… I will insert them in the galleries page but seems a bit easier. Today I chose to make something I haven’t really done yet…. because I ended 2 films and immediately developed and scanned them I can publish what I did 2h ago still in analog!! Oh yeah we can.

Here, we have a street full of cherry blossoms…

And we are in the crucial blooming part! It’s a lovely sight and although this will be in BW it still shows the beauty. Unfortunately we all just live in the instagram life! I know I cannot  be too much against, I have it I use it and it is very nice to see what others see almost instantly! But I don’t really do instant besides when I decide I want to make stories 🙃 I just feel that people are in a sort of competition these days. “Look, I am in the place right now! And my pics will be better than the guy next to me!”

In this occasion you can see a lot of photographers, amateurs or not, with very good cameras and they want to make the pic of the year. But you also see the selfie-stick population, the filming the 10 min walk, the 500shots that I will publish and never see again unless another like comes in… I just feel people stop less to see… to observe… In a way I spent more time looking at stranger than the flowers…

I also think the flowers are not yet completely done… Anyway.. any thoughts on that? What is your local attraction that makes you wonder why 500 persons are there, emptying they diskspace for pics they don’t REALLY see?


Love, T.