Hello world! I know I know I am a full disgrace! I have to say I am not feeling very chatty today but I have to move on the pics so I can put more of the nice things I have seen!!!

First time in a German Island!!! YES GERMANY HAS THEM!!! Not as fancy as the greek ones but nice enough! Not a conventional fancy island by the sea! You are greeted with MOIN everywhere and to be fair it’s mostly German inside tourism. No carls only electric ones around. A small boat trip through the famous WATT! protected area full of life and muddy! We saw some seals from afar, got pushed by the wind through the island in our bikes, escaped a storm in a lost restaurant that had DICKE MILCH! Got drunk with an Irish coffee! Protected some baby swallows while getting hit by parts of the storm! Got problems to pay with the visa. Got a problem with my wrist and saw the strandkorbchen! At the end my ovaries shrunk a little with so many kids around!! 🙃 all in all it was lovely!


Love, T.