Hello world again! Sorry for the delay still busy and all… my head is busy too! But I decided This week I will post the vacations! I have to dispatch my pics or they will be left in oblivion. I don’t want that!! So here is what happened after saint-malo! On our way to the second stop we decided to check out this giant nipple on the horizon! Le mont saint-michel. This basically already in Normandy, but super close to saint-malo.  It’s a fortifies island where lies a monastery. It is very impressive by size and sight, therefore it attracts a lot of tourists, especially on a SUNDAY!! (first tip, don’t go there on a sunday!!!).

But we went!

We took the paid ride because we tought it would be faster than to queue for the bus which wasn’t exactly! but we were not smushed in a bus in a 37C day so I guess it was kind of worth it! Although the poor horses were so slow that I almost think it would have been faster by foot! 😂

Arrived there the view was great but damned it was full! I remember thinking that I saw a guy that looked just like conan o’brien, but apart from that I was just hyperventilating with the lack of space!! the small streets are filled with restaurants, souvenir shops and small museums! All the way up is to the monastery that we decided not to enter in! We kind of got exhausted with all that so we just decided to enjoy the view and keep moving! In the mean time I still managed to catch a seagull on point! Stealing lunch!!! ahaha!! It was interesting 🙃 I guess having god in an island in the coast is always helpful!!


Love, T.