Hello again! well my speed was not what I wanted it to be! I am being very slow and somehow I still have 3 places from the road trip and 2 others to publish but it is ok. I won’t have material forever so it is always nice to go slow.

This one is very quick also because it was not our favourite!

I do not mean to insult nobody’s taste or experiences, but for us le Touquet was just a place we know we have no interest to go again.

After Saint-Malo, it didn’t feel so nice.

The place was crowded, the restaurant streets were full, the restaurants were not veggie friendly, we needed to reserve and nothing felt so nice.

The beach was also different, as this is no longer the ocean, but the English Channel. The water was warmer but dirtier and filled with jelly fish. It was very very far away, eventually the tide went up a bit but it was still pretty low. I guess it was just a mix of not so perfect things. Do not mind me, it is still the beach and perfect for some, just not for us 🙃 but we still chose to focus on the positive, it was an experience and we learned what we like or not when we are somewhere!

Also we missed the crepes so… no more Normandie for us, which is a shame because it is the closest from us! We will just have to go further to get where we want!

What is your most memorable “vacation mistake”?



Love, T.

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