Music is a remedy for our inner issues.

We let go.

We give ourselves to it.

And we try to forget about what makes you tense all day long, and let the release happen.

When you are in a concert of a vibe you love, your body gets prepared to evacuate a wave of immense energy.

You concentrate in yourself, all the stress caused by little things that become too important over time.

And then… You just let it go.

You scream, you jump, you loose yourself into a crowd like you.

Into people you don’t know, but you know…

You know that they know what you feel… they feel the same, they are here for the same reasons you are.

You are there, and in a silent connection (that is not so silent!) you just embrace the others…

And together you just let everything go…

Blue Shell in Cologne.

And alternative place that lets all kinds of individuals get there after a week of compression… and let people just be there.

As always, Hereditary made a magnificent and strong show!

And as always, the public is there to show appreciation and love!

Keep the good work 😉