And so it is… the dreading moment!! the goodbye!

The final one… doesn’t mean I won’t be able to go back to some precious moments captured… but as it is now… these adventures are “processed”… it is really like saying goodbye though… this was (as I said A MILLION TIMES ALREADY!!!) something!! ahaha! Yes it was SOMETHING! AMAZING!!!

I love traveling but this was so much more! We gathered 5 different personalities we managed to go through and live this the fullest together but as ourselves! Everything went smoothly everything was perfect in it’s on way! I cannot thank enough these girls for that!

It will be forever our ITALIA! Because I may go back but it won’t have the same wonders… I will not hear the amazed voice of Joaninha saying “It’s so pretty!” or Marta “I could really be happy here!” Or Cátia “Isto é que é vida!” (untranslatable!!) or Joana being our survivor guide everywhere! This was EPIC! And now

I just want to see them in 3 weeks and remember it all!! 


Grazie Mille Italia!

Love, T.