Hello world! Yes yes yes… I have been so away… but to be fair a lot has changed in my life and more is to come!

So I have been a little occupied with all this change! I might talk a bit more about it in another time… right now things are too fresh to talk about it just yet! Thing is, my inspiration hasn’t been on top and I have been trying to be more focused on me…

I have been with my camera also, but I have been so lazy to actually go into things…

I promise there will be more! I want to! Also because really, analog is a passion! Maybe it is too much of the same since I have now my favourite film and its high contrast black and white but I might change! Digital is always a sure thing anyway so I also go around with it!!


Let’s talk a little about pretty Monschau!! It was a flash-visit! Mainly to try their several varieties of mustard and to see the pretty teeni-tiny town!!

We had a little meal where I ordered a beer, and mister ordered a coffee…. and of course without asking, when it came they put the beer in front of him… stereotypical much? Come on, I have more important things to fight about, but would it kill people to ask about everything instead of just assuming? Bah… just a thought! Not a rant!

enjoy my pics… not many but enough 🙃


Love, T.