Hello! I am here to share the last 😭of the trips.

And with none yet planned it feels very very very sad. Nevertheless I always have material. Just not time sometimes.

In any case I am here to share the last day we spend in Algarve. We decided to go to the west coast (ahaha) close to Aljezur.

The coast there is rougher. It ends abruptly into… THE END OF THE WORLD!

Yes! My country is on the far right, and although in this year and time people choose to believe the world is flat, back then they risked it and just went into the unknown in a boat! Cudos to that!

I like to think that these pics illustrate both sides of the ocean. The strength and power together with some calm and healing. The ocean makes its own rules weather you like it or not.

And will react to what we do no matter what we think is right or not. We shall respect it.


Love, T.