Hello! I am still quite “unactive”… I really need vacation I guess. Soon, it’s coming. But I am in work trip (nothing too fancy, just a gathering/meeting) but at least it allowed me to come back to beautiful Amsterdam.

This travel was with my beautiful Babbi! (And her pompom!!) As for beautiful Amsterdam (filled with traffic, where bikes have priority just because and your heart can jump just by hearing a bike honk!), I missed you 😉 not only by what you think when I say Amsterdam (tulips are tulips come on!) but by this all awkwardness that we feel here.

Somehow we wake up in this kind of germanic/danish decor, where a bike is the biggest fear on the road, where tourists are amused at the prostitution display, as the coffee shops are filled with laughing tourists and where the houses are crooked. Here things just took a different path and it worked somehow… people are not that different, or at least no different than any other city you visit… they just somehow shifted the moral boundaries and are a clear example that at the end, the display might be different but there is no difference in human nature at all. As for the usual displayed photos of Amsterdam, I fell in love with this one. It is not at the centre, it is close by our meeting point… It was a beautiful morning to walk with Babbi and her amazing “pompom” 😉

That is indeed the perfect display of a morning walk in sunny-green-calm Amsterdam <3

Love, T.