Hello hello!!

I am going on vacation soon but I still got time to develop another experiment.

This was the ISO 3200 from ILFORD. The iso is the measure of sensitivity of your film. Basically film has a photochemistry that is transformed when in contact with light. Some films need more light to get a strong signal, some need less. When you shoot indoors, you sometimes don’t have enough light. You might think it’s enough because our eyes are just SO amazing, but it’s not. The ISO is generally 200 or 400. 100 and 25 would be for super sunny days, until 400 you still need daylight. This can always be overcame by flash, but flash is also tricky 🙈 truth is, I m so far from being very good at it.

I just try to work with my vision more than the technique. And I am so in love with the analog, I just want my vision, a bit of luck and the planets alignment to get to an extraordinary image.

About the concert…. well like always! Very nice! Pure entertainment at the MTC in Cologne!! They organisedĀ a nice evening although it was SOOOOO HOT! I mean Germany had it all this year! Even too much! Why not just get a little summer? and not full hell immediately 😛!

I served as the iPhone recording person for Hereditary (I hereby DEMAND always free passes as I always work in the concerts 🙃), still tried some pics as well but mainly I was the blob walking around with the pinky turned high like I was drinking tea in England with her majesty. Anyway, all my grace in moving around didn’t stop me to just go up on stage and film Stevie because he deserves some attention TOO! His amazing drumming had to be recorded!!!

Nora and Basti were there for support which is the best!!! 🖤🖤🖤

The other bands were a treat!

Always Blackening, very good! And I discovered Shapeshifter, with a mixed band that I felt refreshing I must admit!!! So have a look and click on them if you want to go to their page and discover a little more 😋


Love, T.