Getting around my break’s photos. I have to say I didn’t do much… it really was a break… not that photography isn’t a big love but even happy activities need to be put on pause. We wouldn’t want to make them become an obligation more than love itself. And there are times we need to spend being us without anything else. Just a basic level of existence to hear our sound again.

Sometimes I think consciousness can be a real curse. I must admit that I would sometimes want to pause a certain awareness I am capable of. That is why I think he gave this to me. He know how much I thrive for the escape. For the prospect of a new discovery. For this immediate feeling of freedom. I have “developed” (ahah!) a strong attachment to y analogs… I know the images are not so spectacular that one can achieve with digital equipment (that can also be achieved by analog but it would involve really expensive equipment nonetheless!).

There is a lot that I still have to learn but I love the waiting, longing and mystery in the process. Makes it so much more special. And the result is perfect in all its imperfection. The gift was spectacular. It would have been more perfect only if it was for a longer time. But it was perfect. Perfect for me, perfect for him and perfect for my photos.

Thanks to him I fell a bit more in love with my own country. And I long now to discover more. I have to say he is the perfect person for me to have on my journeys… we just fit. Here we were only and shortly in São Miguel.

We visited all we could but made sure to go the the hot springs pool in Furnas every night we were there ☺ It is magnificent and, of course, my inability to rightly develop makes it difficult to feel the green and that is why I still have my digital pics 🙃 In any way these are still my favourites but soon the rest will come ❤ 

Love, T.