Hello world!!! 😘🐘 It is me! I know!!! AGES!

Well, a month! A month since I think I fell into a black hole and stepped in another dimension! Familiar enough for me to not notice immediately! I have a new life!!!💃 🎉 It is crazy! SO for the adaptation of this new universe, I took a vacation of myself!

I was quite slow in the publishing and even pics acquisition but I still walked around with my set of lenses 🙃📷.

And to celebrate a new life, nothing better than looking at new years and a couple of escapes that led me here! And somehow opened to now! (or it’s just bs and when things work out we tend to make it like a romcom!!!).

ANYHOW!!!!!!! Let’s enjoy the pics, I am not so good to go in the text part so just let’s look at moments!!

Love, 🐘🖤