Hello confined world! 🐘


I hope that everyone is doing fine! Trying to avoid the hysteria (this word 😑) but yeah.. it suck to not know when we will be able to resume life (yes it will resume, I do not believe the world will change… because you know… humans.

Anyway, this is not a rant!!! This is the CUTEST of publications. Last month I was still able to go to Porto after so many months unable to go… (due to health reasons which were minor and now completely solved by REMOVAL 😬 it is gone). But yeah, I went 7 months without seeing my Porto.

And after the magnificent portraits of Maria with Tomás inside, here is a glimpse of this little beauty outside!

Isn’t he the most perfect little boy? (I know tricky question but) he is definitely SUPER CUTE!!! Look ate all thee ranges of emotions? we have a future model here! Mark my words!

The camera couldn’t even capture all that is there!


Can’t wait to go squeeze him again! Yes he is a human squishy.

Love him already! Please stay homa and safe!

Enjoy this little Merveille…