Hello confined world… or at least I hope. I get upset with some comments of people that think that there is some kind of exaggeration… I do normally not care for conspiracy theorists… I have to admit they amuse me when they are just saying silly things… but here we are living through something never lived before… not like this. If we are not afraid ourselves, we should know that we can be responsible for someone else’s pain… and if we are stupid now, it will be worse on the long run. 

PS: for people thinking it is being exaggerated please explain to me exactly who is doing this, why, and the economical gain that could explain it? 

Because this is about humanity so if you are bored to be at home, please sign up for a biology or economy class. but a real one, not from your guru recommendations please and try not to be a waste of oxygen. One thing we know is that our elderly are at risk and a handful of others… there might be more effects on asymptomatic people than what we know… right now we are seeing a full speed research like never before. And I did research I know how it goes normally… anyway… a lot that is known might change, but we know we have to protect the people we love, because even if we are away, we can affect this. 

Please be safe, stay safe and mostly, do not be part of this contamination path just because you are bored. Priorities please. 

Here are my grans… they are THE CUTEST and I worry about them every day. Stay safe. 

Love, 🐘🖤 T.