Hello people! Sorry for these long pauses… I have been occupied. Crazy hein? I mean I don’t make money with this, it’s not a job and I have multiple interests including SUMMER sooooo I am enjoying it! Also learning to watercolour hehe!So yeah… lot of things! BUT! Last weekend I went to LONDON BABY! Yeah! I went to see a friend from college that I hadn’t seen for 8 years!

And it was so nice! Seeing old friends, and realising again why we where friends, because it made sense, because we are compatible, because we are almost the same but not exactly because we grew up in the meantime… all of this is amazing! I love seeing old friends again and realising I still like them and they still like me is so nice! It’s normal to grow apart and to change, and not be compatible anymore. It happens and it is nobody’s fault, it’s life and it doesn’t have to be sad. It is what it is. But coming back to old friends and still feel like the old days is amazing! Because it’s simple you don’t have to be careful, or try to hide your nasty parts 🙂

Also London, the only time I was there before was a very different scenario. It’s not that I hated it, but I didn’t like it so much. It was winter, pre-brexit, the pound was high as fuck! I was heart-broken and we did the tourist london. We had some nice discoveries, a pub where you had to make up a 1920’s private eye story to get in behind a fake book shelf, an old pub taken over by the queer scene rocking pre-demolition/hipster decoration set up and the story of the old murderers of london. It was nice, but all together it sounded to me like an incredibly expensive city, where everyone is so busy they cannot acknowledge your existence on the sidewalk and where everything happens but you don’t have time or money or neither to fully enjoy it.

This time we went low scale tourist, full scale too poor to have to pay for our enjoyment. So we actually end up having the perfect weekend in my view (the temperature was a tat too high! Never expected to get such strong sun THERE!!! Oh yeah, Rita got the burning star to the UK (that is my explanation!).

Anyway, after a 3h delay from beloved RYanair, we ended up talking a seeing the english sunrise over a portuguese beer! Next day we just wandered, went to camden to eat a steamed bun, struggled to find a place to sit, met up with Tone  and saw england loose its 3rd place against belgium while drinking some coronas and a ginger beer 😉 went to have a café Delta where what seemed to be a portal to the coffee place in my village in portugal! Went to the shop, bought cold beers and crisps, sat down on regents park under a tree. Went peeing in a nearby pub, struggled to open the beers, waited until the sunset, watch the 180 degree view of the city a.k.a, the red lights over the top buildings. Tried to find the place in shoreditch where the super bock Xl where at 5£ and been thrown out because it was 00h30 (shit we needed to pee!). Went home, peed and tried to sleep (so hot!).


We went to see Greenwich and victoria’s house (from the outside!) everything was yellow (england doesn’t know dryness…) we took a bus boat to london bridge and saw tower bridge open (that was me in the centre of london!) we went to walthamstow, lloyd park had a garden party! We queued all around to enter (free but security is important!). We found ourselves with cold beers in the shadows until the queen, fatoumata diawara entered and we had to get there. It was crazy, demons got out of her and us. We felt it! We went for beer again, (shadows!) then seun kuti & egypt 80 moved us again there and we danced and laughed and just were! After that, the zone 3 bus ride was a must, long one through the outsides of london where everything is smaller and cuter and more real!

Went back, had a pizza and soup, went to bed and so I had a perfect escape to london, as someone who is there, a real visit! With all of this, I just took pics and made my album of rita in london, my visit on the outside! Thanks Rita, 


Love, T.