Hello World! As you all know I went to Paris and I am preparing lots of pretty pics to show OF COURSE!!!

But first, I got super excited because 2 of my films were done and I could develop. And I love photography but GOSH analog is so GOOD!

And I am vocal about it, for personal and not technique oriented pictures, analogue has such a sweet outcome. Even if the pic is blurry (which most ARE) everything has such a romantic vibe about it. It is so great to forget about it and go through the feelings again. the NOSTALGIA!!

It’s like when we break up and we remember the ex thinking about ALL the good parts and almost forgetting why you broke up in the first place. Of course here it is easier, because the “break” is not painful. It faints we remember barely the moment and BOOM! here is is. The MOMENT. When we “clicked”. It is so good for travel pics! It warms up the heart. On top of that, I still have a roll so yeay!!! 15 more pics awaiting for me to use up the roll!

So let’s talk a bit about Paris first glance… Well as I stated before, Paris didn’t steal my heart. And I think most of it is because we expect something from Paris. We will always have Paris… Well my heart stays in Porto so it is hard to beat. Creating expectations is very hard. I have fallen in Love with all the places I was expecting nothing from. The charm from within seduces you. You don’t have the well-known postcards, you might have some romantic notions in case you read an interesting book about it. But truth is NO city has the publicity for romance and beauty like Paris.

So truth is… It is beautiful and pretty. But I understand french and let’s say that they are vocal about making fun of the tourists… so that ruins it a little. It is also very very crowded. I mean I had this inNew York but I was expecting it… here too… but it was annoying. I mean deadly crowded.

But there ere bits I enjoyed very much…🙃 Le Louvre crap my feet hurt. So so tiring. Majestic pieces, the statues the paintings the exhibitions. I am always excited when I see not only art but pieces of history. Truth is, they have to make these plans to walk around a little easier to follow.

We also went to Montmartre of course… The church is pretty truth! But I somehow expected something else. La place des artistes was very neat though. Loved it, and could have passed an entire day just looking at the artists paint. The little romantic (and capitalist) streets… nice people actually… it was very enjoyable.

We proceed then to Les deux moulins from Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. I love the movie for sure but I was there with pretty huge fans. The coke was F*%king expensive but it was fun. They made a very cute memorabilia place there.

We follow the street down to see Moulin Rouge. In there Joana made the street stop to see her bérêt flow away very very high. I have no picture of that simply because, like everyone else, I stopped to see where the hat was landing 😂. We ended up eating and enjoying the nice February sun for some time.

We then went to Shakespeare and Co. Wow this was something!!! Oh no pictures were allowed inside but it was magical. Every corner. You can seat and read like a library. There is a piano and a cat. And it feels like a labyrinth where you could live because there are books everywhere!

I am going to shut up for now.. 🙃 Because I have more pics to publish and then it will be boring to repeat myself! So in the end… Paris didn’t pierce my very hard heart… maybe when I go again?

🐘🖤 Love, T.