Hello World! So here I come with the last bit of Paris (well not exactly last because there are some pics awaiting for the end of the film so this will come as a late surprise later!). Anyway! Let’s maybe talk a bit about the rest here… What happened after Shakespeare & Co.?

Well, well, well!

So the same day we were at the Sacré Coeur and went down to see Amélie’s café, say hi to the Moulin Rouge and visit Shakespeare & Co., we proceed to have a look at Notre Dame!

Although I haven’t read Victor Hugo’s masterpiece, I am quite familiar with the Disney’s version of Quasimodo. The first impression I had was quite mixed. I felt it was not as big as I expected. I mean, it is beautiful and big, but I have seen pictures for so many years… I was expecting something SUPER BIG! When I was in though, I looked up with the hope to have a small peak at “Quasi”. I have seen more beautiful churched but it was pretty, very pretty! Funny story! There was a wedding happening when we were there!! Also funny, they were very very very young. I thought they were barely legal (my friends say I exaggerate A LOT but I think they were very very very young!!!). I wish them all the happiness though! 🙃 

After that we went for the search of a happy hour cocktail (or three!). That night, at midnight, Martinha had her birthday!!🎉 We managed to have the help of the bartender to bring a molleux ou fondant au chocolat with a candle a bit after midnight!

The next day, some ladies went to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower! Joaninha and me decided not to. Instead, we slept a little more and decided walking around, having a view at the Pompidou, we entered a church with a very peculiar “last supper scene” and went on discussing it with two very nice men. We crossed the Seine, saw a very cute plant market, had some oriental finger food (very nice) and went on to have a peak at le Jardin du Luxembourg! It was such a nice day that we could see everyone decided to enjoy it as much as they could! The garden itself is not very pretty. It has a pretty palace, which I imagined had very rich people living there at some point and a very very nice backyard that is now public! People invaded the grass like they invade beaches in summer! There was almost no personal privacy and space respected there! anyway it was so nice to see so many people around just enjoying the good weather! Although some were clinging to their phone but still, they were outside!! We then went to see the Eiffel tower and meet the girls!! So basically we passed les Champs de Mars, and yep saw it, took a pic and proceed. Well, I took a lot of pics 😂 it is huge and pretty! Always makes a very nice postcard!!  After that, we walked around and then went to see l’Arc de Triomphe. Also huge! Saw it, done!

This night we finally had the chance to et real french. After waiting for like 1h and something we could enjoy our french dinner! It was good but there was a lot of waiting (I guess Paris is complicated on the weekend!) Nevertheless it was very good 🙃

The day after that we went to the Louvre! Oh got it was exhausting!!I mean, I love museums and I did not find this one very expensive but Gosh it is confusing!!! and BIG! I am very happy we managed to get in front to see Mona Lisa or as I affectionately call her “Maria Elisa”. We saw the venus, louis xiv (the fancy one) and my favourite: Cupid and Psyche (impossible to get any good pic). Also, the one fom the back of the Venus shows how weird would it be if it was one of us that would be the subject of so much attention! Not sure that there is any consent here! Besides that I absolutely LOVED the Egyptian part. I never saw so much (I went to the MET but passed it). The details the art is so PRETTY!!! It’s simply fascinating! After that we tried to find something to eat and then came back home with wonderful memories and the sadness to think that I wouldn’t see my ladies for another 6 weeks! But I was very very happy to meet new fantastic and pretty girls!

So to conclude: I did not fell in love with Paris, but I still enjoyed it more than what I expected. (I anticipated to be disappointed because we have so high expectations of Paris, we see it at his best at all times…)Nevertheless, we never know! Maybe, I will feel different next time. I heard this happens sometimes… we never know 🐘🖤 Until then, I am awaiting for my next trip in 2 weeks 🤗 and hope to come up with more material. Not such big galleries, but as the sun slowly starts to show up again, maybe my film cameras will come out more! 🙃 And let’s see if I finally get a hold on film editing! And that is all for now

🐘🖤 Love, T.