Hello world AGAIN!

I know it’s weird that I am here so often these days no??? 🙃 But it seems that anyway I still have some things to do regarding Paris… Because I have a LOT of pics. So basically I am going to advertise a bit more this gallery before moving to the rest.

So I already wrote a bit about the initial part of the trip. Well…I can tell a little about how I got there. Because I ended up having a mini-solo moment until the ladies arrived. So I put my luggage on the bed and ran outside with my cameras!! It had been so long since I had my inspiration back. I hadn’t traveled so much by myself and I missed it. So these little hours by myself in a new place quite reinvigorated me! I felt so liberated. I just love to walk around with my cameras! Nothing better!!! I took a kebab on the go and went until the Seine to eat it where apparently EVERYONE was! After that I passed the Louvre and walked around le Jardin des Tuileries! Just to check the sunset with La Tour Eiffel.

That was something. This feeling of fullness. Not needing anything. Not needing to share “live” the moment. Just be there capture to be sure to enjoy later. And when the light goes away… It’s just time to pick your stuff and go relax. But there is always this moment where you sit down and enjoy it with the best lenses of the world: my eyes! I do not need likes for that. I can and will share it but later. I have time. I have captured these moments. I will come back to them. But the present cannot be experienced with a cellphone and an instagram-focus all the time. I know I sound like an 80 year old? Or just a very boring person?! well I am not, I am just a bit fed up with some behaviors. I just think that it takes the magic away. It is like that we are in a giant contest, so it is like the extreme beauty of nature is banalized, so people say “meh” or say “wow” for half a second before snaping it and ignoring it completely! It is just sad! Think about it! We are so lucky or at least most of us that can read what I am writing! Enjoy the little wonders with no filter and most importantly, no likes, no need for approval! If you like it then enjoy it. Someone else doesn’t have to also! This was the adulty moment that my person decided to write 🙃 whoever reads me, thank you and wow!

So, I mentioned in the previous post mostly the same as in these photos. Plus we saw Notre-Dame, which somehow disapointed me. In the sense that it is less big than I thought while watching Quasimodo. I thought it was like a monster, but now the business towers are so big that these monuments seem small… there was a wedding happening inside (and I am not sure the groom and bride were of age seriously!!!). I still looked up imagining Quasimodo looking over us… but the church organ playing king of broke it for me!

After that we went for cocktails and happy hour!!! Always a good idea! We needed to prepare because Martinha was going to enter the scary thirties…. UUUHHHHH!

And the rest I will tell you in the next gallery!!!

Paris tu es si jolie…


Love, T.