Hello people!! It’s Saturday! and I came to the lab…. but!! Monday it’s LAS CANARIAS TIME!

oh yeah babe!

I don’t care about the weather! I will be LITERALLY in an island in the Atlantic. If shit goes down I’l stay there guys! So before my little escapade I wanted to post a nice, poster like, just pretty pic of Bonn. I miss the sun a lot since I moved to Germany. But mostly in winter (this winter was awful!).

HOWEVER, it can become quite lovely when the sun comes out! People gather in the gardens with drinks and food and just enjoy! And I must confess that I love this attitude towards it (it less prominent in places with higher hours of sun!). I aldo like this photo because, although I immediately said once my work address moved, that I would never come up the hill on the bike (it is for crazy people, come on!!) I kind of tried.

I feel sometimes too much of an hypocrite when it comes to my love for nature and concerns with unnecessary pollution. So I decided to give it a try. Also, I had some trouble keeping the will to go to the gym, so it was a win-win (unless it rains, and I am dreading this because I hate biking in the rain 😒). So yeah I decided I wanted to motivate myself. What better way to just betting against myself! I always need to prove to myself if I can do it or not (it is ok when I can’t, completely fine). And it happens that I saw this kind of small motivational contest called Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit. This initiative aims at motivating people to go by bike to work between Mai and September. They offer small prizes and have also the team model. I admit I am not too much into the prizes but I find it fun to put in everyday I come by bike to keep myself in check!

So I have been doing it and I am quite proud of myself. I have managed, do it means that so far I didn’t spend fuel to come by car and I also started to go around the city a lot by bike. And Bonn is this kind of city that a bike JUST MAKES MORE SENSE. You literally sometimes spend more time by car. But things are also not SO CLOSE enough to walk, they are in this annoying range that is too close for car but too long by foot. So I am loving my bike phase I must confess! And there is something romantic about the bike, hence the picture here (that I might print bigger for home 😋)! 🙃 So people (if there is any :D) enjoy, I will come back with pretty pics from Tenerife soon!! Until then enjoy the sun


Love, T.