Hello… this time I am a bit faster…

it is in the same collection though so it’s sorted out and it’s SUNSET! So you can’t edit so much on it.

I mean, I just tried to make it more like it was THERE!

You can’t go wrong with sunsets… plus the ocean… plus the end of the world, the dance of the seagulls and the appearance of the moon.

Do I seem like I am preparing to explain why I decided to be a romantic author of the 19th century? no… but you get the point right?

It is magical, it inspires us… and it pulls a little string in us… kind of an emotional, eternally sad…


I am sorry if I am morose… maybe don’t read me.. just look at the beauty that somehow makes me feel sad.

Could it be just the reflection of what I am feeling. Of how my heart beats and my throat tightens. It’s a feeling. I am tired. I will sleep soon. Good night.


Love, T.