Got it!!!! We are almost done my dear friends!! Yes! Although this trip seems sooooooo long with the amount of time it takes me to make the galleries we are approaching the end!! (Got small little tears in my eyes!!) This was something… something else! You know, in all our stops there was SOMETHING… Verona was the cute little home of Giulietta… Venezia was this all other concept… Firenze was an explosion of everything in a place where the beauty came from within… Cinque Terre is ALSO another concept


So much escape!! It is so beautiful and also (funnily) not so easy to access… so it kind of has two faces… the one (close to the train station) that has the posers-tourists… and the ones in the mountain as the active-tourists… and I have to tell you that we were kind in the middle! TO BE FAIR we tried… we really did… and we died (also we really did…true we are zombies now!) 😛

 Anyway I am out of poetry in my mind… still full of love 😛 BIG LOVE for these ladies AGAIN!!!




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