Oh my!!! We passed half of the trip already 😱 well… this one will have a “must” extra section!!!

Oh this was really something!! This was amazing!

I felt that I was in the presence of so much history! This is where the renaissance took a leap… there is so much to see… and trying to get into the creator’s head might be difficult and somehow hilarious!! (That is why another gallery will soon come just for the pleasure of funny comments!!!)

But this was not only that… we wandered around by ourselves and together… we smiled laughed and got so angry! We had the best “gelato” and a pizza from another world with encounters of other dimensions! We found a nice terrace with 1€ coffees, where we could see the dome at sunset! We queued and saw queues that I thought only possible in movies! We visited markets, saw DAVID and gipsies getting thrown out of a pig fountain! We saw beautiful sunsets and old time parades! But most of all we lived and loved!!

And this pics give me the kind of chills I love!!

Loved it, love you girls! <3

Love, T.

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