And from my little escape here goes another little gallery. I felt the places were so distinctive that I had to make separate posts about it…

Here is Getxo.

Actually it started in Portugalete and end up walking around seeing the see and a complete different picture compared to Bilbao. Here everything seemed richer… everything seemed more expensive.

Don’t take it the wrong way…. it was beautiful, and clean and calm and safe… somehow it felt unreal… I mean we live in a world where several realities cohabit almost unrealistically.  Here it is not as drastic as you would see in NYC from the upper east side to downtown… but still… it feels like a senario out of a movie… it’s too perfect… seems too unreal… somehow this :perfection” makes me feel out of place… I’ve said it enough… I think I am genetically allergic to richness (actually I say genetically poor but poor in a low part of middle class so it’s not accurate at all)… (and in this case richness means people that don’t look at their bank account to see if they managed to not go negative!)… anyway… it is a very good place o escape world since you fel you are in another one 😛 but it’s too perfect too me… 

Ongi etorri Getxora

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