And here we go 😔 the last one…

It feels like I am leaving Italy again…We had a short stop in Milan, which I will share something from it (OF COURSE!!!) but this one is the last gallery!

Somehow I felt like this recall of feelings and warmth generated by looking to tese precious memories would last forever!! (Imagine if I didn’t have my little drawbacks!) Anyway, this is the time for PORTOFINO!!

Well, lets say something, it is beautiful and it was a goos stop to make… we were just not SUPER lucky with the stay 😂 let’s laugh at it now that we don’t have to go back to the particular apartment! We SURVIVED that is the true statement!! We got stronger! 😄 

What to say about Portofino and Santa Margherita  Ligure?… hmmm… It is nice! It was not the same as Cinque Terre… It was “richer”… as I said… I could have smelled the fiscal frauds being made at the exact time…. 😂 this must have been a little corner of paradise then colonised by money and the people that come with it… the beauty is surely there but it lacked some spirit… I couldn’t see much of it… the walking and the ladies surely made it worth it… ❤️ again… them 🙂 we left quite fast and headed to Milan for a last day and gor back to life… hearts full, heads light… happy! Grazie mille Italia! Obrigada meus amores!


Love, T.

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