Hello world! 🌍❤️

How is it going? I know I kind of promise that I would be here more often but what a year it was!!!

I mean really! Considering that EVERYONE is pointing out that it is the end of the decade (which is not straightforward because it might be that some consider it starts actually next year……..) whatever!

We, humanoids, seem to give such a big importance in numbers that we created and like to do retrospects. Anyway, when you are in your early 30’s, a decade’s retrospect is huge. People graduated, got married, divorced, got babies, etc etc etc…which is…NORMAL. You transition from a post teenage phase to an early adult phase, so of course there will be changes. I mean, when you have your first kid, your life changes in less than a year! so yeah!

Anyway, this year alone, has been the most exhausting year of my life. When the year started 2019 I had no idea of anything, which is very complicated for someone like me, since I have some of a control issue… (I like to control things! Specially my life!) I didn’t know where I was going or what was going to happen. In the midst of January, I got authorised to move on with my PhD. In February I gave my thesis. In March I found a job! And freaked out because administration decided to make my life difficult. April I fought to get my defense date set up. May, I got my PhD. June I did nothing (I breath!). July I started a new Job! August I tried to find out why a single blood value was off. September, I has a goodbye trip. October I discovered Porto Santo ❤️❤️❤️ and got in the hospital (I was producing stones massively in my gallbladder!). November I said goodbye to my gallbladder. December I traveled for work, and traveled for xmas and am about to have a permanent contract for the first time in my life. So yeah, forgive me if this year was so much that I don’t have time to look at a decade 😂 In the middle of all of that, I developed another hobby: painting. Which is also why my photo content has been down.Should I publish here also my art content? I mean I do not have enough following to get anything out of it besides sharing. ANYWAY, this was exhausting to write. I am feeling that the social media roulette is happening again and instagram will decrease soon! I don’t know then where to redirect this because I do not have enough following 🙃

Let’s talk shortly about Porto Santo though.

This little pearl of o meu Portugal 🖤 Seriously, the more I know about my country the more I love it! With the rise of social media associated jobs, a lot more people travel and share and a lot of small treasures are shared for more people to enjoy. The small issue is that by sharing these treasures, the amount of people there makes these places less enjoyable (tourists humanoids everywhere!!!!) But I completely understand. The information is just more easy to find. The thing about Porto Santo is that it is not THAT EASY to get there. And this makes it perfect. It’s small, no room for hipster things to arise because it would not be that profitable so it is perfect. you have some hotels, a 9km coast and perfect temperature in a paradise scenario with crystal clear water. I may have turned yellow because of my gigantic gallstones but I fell in love with you! And I will come back!

Until next year:

BIGGEST OF LOVE from this little elephant!


Your lefa