Hello world! It has been one day since international women’s day and I do not feel so annoyed as the past years with all the posts I have seen. I do not know if the fact that I started following badass strong women which are not afraid to speak their mind although still a lot of people (men and women) attack feminism without understanding what it is because some frustrated beasts started defining it the way they heard it and not what was said. I am not going to post a definition of feminism. But feminism is not a closed group of women that wish to annihilate men and force all women to cut their hair, become lesbian and stop shaving. It is only about eliminating the discrepancy that we suffer solely based on the fact that we have two Xs and not an X and a Y. It is about being judged, rewarded and treated on what we are and we do. And these apply equally to men that do the same.

In this photo you can see two fucking badass queens, and YES FEMINISTS. I mean, it is quite visible just with the picture but there is SO MUCH MORE! Their life stories couldn’t be more different and yet the level of power that these two manage to have is unbelievable. The way they fight, talk live is an example! It is really! I am so grateful that I managed in these 30 years I lived, to surround myself with such good example of female empowerment. They inspire me so much. I love them and wish to take so many more pics…

I have to say that I grew up in a schizophrenic feminist nest. I was told and shown that women are strong and fighters and we can do everything and be proud of our strength. I was also told that I am in a constant competition with other women. Because men are in another league and they will got it easier but we do not compete with them. We are supposed to befriend and be subordinate to them so they will choose us instead of the other women. It might be terrible as I write it like this but it is not. It is better than most, but it is something that as a result I have to actively fight against. We shouldn’t always have in mind COMPETITION.

Regardless of it is men or women, we should simply give our best and not wish for the others to fail. We have to encourage a system where we are judge on what we can give and not on other parameters. I believe we are getting there but we, as women have to be vocal about injustice. Some injustices are not as violent as others, so we don’t have to make a revolution based on it, but we have to point it out. It needs to be shown that things that we learned to accept are still abuse.

As a grown up and strong women I am always conscious that I can suffer violence from a men if I walk home alone in the dark. This shouldn’t be the case. Why do I feel secure if it is a woman that crosses my path? Why do I feel bad for not making dinner tonight, or not having vacuumed? I shouldn’t. We are what we are. If we want to pamper ourselves and feel sexy and pretty we can. If we want to be sexy, we are not inviting any man for sex. If we want to not shave for 6 months we are not neglecting ourselves, because a man with body hair is not a disgusting person. We do and look how we want. If it is sexy, thin, big boobed, big booty, small boobed, small booty, fat, average, visible, invisible, loudmouthed, discrete, “feminin”, “masculine”, gender fluid, confusing etc etc and all the things that a lot of people use as “negative” comments, they are just not computing.

Everyone has the right to like and do what he/she wants as long as you are not hurting someone. The fact that someone doesn’t understand why you like what you like or are what you are is not hurt. It is just a deviation of the pattern they were thought was unique. But it isn’t. It doesn’t disturb me. Why should it disturb you.

Let’s all be friends and search the real assholes based on maybe CRIMES. Real ones. But living my life the way I want, why are you bothered? You are not. Let’s face it. We have more important things to solve. And the reason why a woman doesn’t shave is not one of them. Let’s all be kind to each other. Let’s fight so that day is not needed anymore. And and AAAAAAAAANNNNDDD let’s be feminists and stop thinking it is a “against men’s right”. EQUALITY!


Love, T.