Hello world! So the summer saga ended! And now I am trying to show the little adventures that I had in between then and now! Unfortunately I do not have international adventures plan soon. But as all my plans go to the drain as my endless PhD saga continues… maybe I will have nice adventures. Or come back to the place that feels and breaths home.

This time it was work that brought me there. Prague! Finally (seems that a lot of people I know already went, I almost felt like a loser for not knowing!) So what can I say about Prague? Praha!

It was such an amazing surprise! Such a beautiful city! Really, so pretty! And in the sense that even going slightly out of the center it get’s more empty but as pretty as you can get!! I loved it, little minor would be the fact that it is not the same money so it gets confusing… but beer is amazing and always cheap even in more touristy places!!! Food is great but prepare because it is HEAVY! 😁 nevertheless, I just feel that I didn’t have enough time and I want to go there again!!! so maybe maybe… 🙃 but I still managed to get pretty nice images! So see you soon Praha! 😘


Love, T.