I thought I could be a bit back to my “pearls” and try to be almost philosophical in the message that this photo with all its imperfections from my analog handling could hide. These are, The Queens. Truth be told it’s the seated queen and it’s assistant 🙃 Nevertheless, they rule the castle. Life is rearranged around them and they provide a sense of fulfilment. I have to say I like cats and dogs a lot, although I identified for a long time as “dog person” I can love cats as much! They are indeed fascinating. their posture, the way they act is almost like going back to the teenage years and to the time where we liked who treated you like shit but SOMETIMES was nice.

The popular queen! 😂 

And these couldn’t be more different. You find so much disparity in them while being so similar that it turns in almost a schizophrenic love. Again, my analog handling is far from good, but it gaves an edge that cannot be taken away. I love the portrait. I love the cats. Long live the Queens.

🖤 Love, T.