Hello again world!

SO as promised, I am going to dedicate the next weeks to reminisce about the passed vacations! Hoping the next escape (in 10 days) will revigorate my adrenaline rushes!! I feel the drug abuse here…

I’m getting more and more used to it and what will happen? Soon you become miserable and unable to appreciate the present, as I start to begin the hangover while on the drug itself… o you need to take more… how can I make an inception of travel and discoveries and then come bak to real life unharmed?

 Quick answer: you can’t. You have to either learn to appreciate that at some point there are no levels more unless you destroy your life to take it back again and have a sense of completion, or you peak into a dark and non-violent realisation that turns into depression and then everyone just is different because we all react different and our brain connections are different and trigger different neuro paths so, who knows really?? hummm… I’m getting more and more floral, happy and colorful ain’t I?

well, lets just these ideas be in the air and let’s talk a little about the first stop! SAINT-MALO! Bretagne! BREIZH! Land of the celtic french tribes and more importantly: CRÊPES!!! uhhhhhh les galettes!!!

We basically nourish ourselves from that! I mean, I can never eat crepes again unless I go back to bretagne, because well you just don’t find them! Those flat pancakes that pass by their names are just FAKE! FAKE I SAY!

So let me praised a little more this amazing surprise that this first stop was! This is the cutest little place of escape! The old citadelle is enclosed, most of it is hotels and small businesses! Although hotels can be the synonym of plastic and not personal, these were kept in a way that you feel that you are just renting a room in the old town! This tiny labyrinth makes you wonder and challenge your alzheimer, as you try to guess without opening any kind of map, the way to the tiny bagel shop where you had the most satisfying breakfast!!

As you get out of the hotel you admire by the town door to see the tide, to see if you can see the passage to the Chateaubriand grave or you cannot define the borders of the sea pool they made! You might decide to go for a walk around the town walls or head up to a nice splash… (soon the rest will come in higher definition and less heart! 🖤)


Love, T.


Why not just update the last post? just to finish my little crush on Saint-Malo and merge both galleries as at the end, it was all in Saint-Malo, just through different lenses right? Hmm… right now my dilemma is there is a color film awaiting but as I do not have color developer I can either wait to buy some, put on developing in the shop (bleh!) or do the black and white development but it is a bit tricky I don’t want to mess it up… hmmm problems problems!!!

Anyway, let’s just continue to praise Saint-Malo shall we?? (hmmm me reading what I wrote before so I do not repeat myself AGAIN and AGAIN!) Ok let’s talk a little about what kind of place saint Malo is if you would consider it. First it is in Bretagne (I do not want to write it in English because I disagree with the convention!).

Hum hum, Bretagne is a region very rich in history and traditions. If you go there you will see that eating galette (savoury crêpe) for lunch or diner is a norm, that cider is a very big thing with lots of local brewed choices, and that you have to try a “crêpe caramel beurre salé” which translates to crepe with caramel from salty butter and all the variations of this caramel (which I am completely in love with!!). Bretagne has a vast keltic history and traditions, it is named Breizh and “breton” is a language and not just a weird sounding french. When you go to Saint-Malo and you search for a hotel next to the beach you will probably end up where we were.

Saint-Malo, the full place including surroundings is not spectacular, you would enter into a normal place, but as you approach most of hotels locations, “intra muros” or “in the walls” which is basically the walled-old-city. They made a very good project here with the hotels. As it doesn’t serve so many purposes to locals to live here unless they own or work in a hotel or shop, this is a perfect location to have the tourism settled up. They kept their architectural style so you would feel that you are in the original old town, nothing to plastic or too las vegas as in most beach places. Mostly rocks and this strong building to resist bad weather (ah yeah, Bretagne is known for that so August was definitely a win for us 😀 ). The citadelle is not big but the tiny streets make up for adventures trying to find that cute shop you saw yesterday!! As you walk on the walls of the town, you can appreciate everything around.

Water is classic Atlantic, its freezing motha f**a cold. But as we had very hot days it was perfect!! Funny thing with the water there, their tides are so DIFFERENT we are talking 9 meters in height difference! And there I can explain some of the pics! Because what happened is that at hight tide you see a weird jumping platform and the see without limits. When the tide starts to go down, ou see that the platform is part of a pool they made so they would still have sea water close by, because it recedes so far away that the islands closed by are then reachable by foot! In the closest one, Grand Bré, lie the remains of Chateaubriand, a famous (at least famous for the french) writer, that was from here and wanted to be near the water with only the sound of the wind and nature around 🖤. In few words, I just loved the place! The tourist mass was not annoying, we felt like we discovered and small alternative reality 😊 perfect for escaping! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!



Love, T.