Scheveningen, Den Haag.

Hello world! Yes I didn’t stick to my plan. Because unless someone is relying on me, I don’t always stick to the plan. Truth is, I think I do not treat myself with the kindness, or just the respect I try to treat other (not everyone because some people are just plain assholes that they do not even let me have the benefit of the doubt, I go straight to bitch mode. Sad? neh!!! energy saving mode!). Anyway, I really feel that I am not kind to myself. I am just so dead afraid I would love myself too much and then loose my humility that I go straight the other way! Is anyone like this? (Guess yeah we are SO many and I was brought up in western/catholic based/latin society… you either grow unhealthy kind of humility or full narcissist… of course it’s a spectrum not a binary code!)

All of this just to justify why I haven’t stick to my photos. Also because I have been under a lot of self inflicted stress going to rounds of depressive state so I am just trying to start things because it seems that is the best stimulant for me, so I accumulate hobbies. After watercolour and a brief try at acrylic painting (I will try again, material is here now!), now I decided to go into the knitters world so got myself a kit at we are all knitters that paid instagram well enough that their paid sponsored ads finally made me cave and I ordered not only ONE but TWO kits to knit very cute sweaters when executed by the nice people that knit. I mean, I am not new at knitting and when I am very down this provides the perfect OCD environment where I concentrate so much I can’t see anything around me. If at the end I make myself proud of my accomplishment and got reward feelings from my brain I will be happy. I am already proud that I am close to finish one side of the first one 🙃!

Funny story and then I resume to Scheveningen, my mother taught me how to knit a very long time ago! And I kind of forgot the technique, the memory was so far that I watched tutorials to get back. The basics were familiar but I didn’t manage to get to a fluid mode. Yesterday I just realised that I was taught Portuguese knitting that i not the standard, therefore it was not what I got from my refreshment tutorials 😛 yay PORTUGUESE knitting (I had no idea that was a thing, I always thought this was the regular way!)


The beach village of Den Haag or The Hague 🤓 Residence of the King (yeah the Netherlands have a royal family I tend to forget that… Also because I do not care for royals so… yay!). In our northern coast discovery trip we decided to explore a beach from the Netherlands. We already knew a dutch beach, Domburg! That is a fancy one, and SUPER expensive so we tried the next recommendation! Also the advantage with this one is that we have a nice city to visit in case of not so good weather ! And so it was!

First impressions, guys not to generalise but when we were there at least it seemed that the beach was very dirty! Meaning empty bottles and packages…. come on! I mean there is enough shit around, how difficult it is to gather your rubbish and put it out? LITERALLY NOT DIFFICULT! The other places we were were fairly neat (I excuse the tone it’s just annoying!). Again, similar to le Touquet, the water was not ocean-like, it was warmer therefore some of the nice jellyfish, but also not so clear. The bars at the beach were so nice for the sunset! Of course it was pricy but how comfy!!!

Most of it was quite nice, and when it rained we went to visit den Haag!

Den Haag, was super cute! of course the rain can work both ways or it’s romantic and melancholic or it’s plain depressing. So it really depends on your state of mind! It was nice, seeing the palace from a tiny side (I also do not get too much interest in contemporary royalty…).

Cute little streets and hipster places! A amazing painting of Scheveningen that is panoramic! Panorama Mesdag!And you can also see some old pics of that time that is amazing! We didn’t do Mauritshuis and the nice art exhibitions but we walked around! We did though the Escher in the palace and if you like Escher you will love it! I feel that more than 2 days would be too much but it is for me of course! It was a cute get away! I don’t think I would be going there again, I feel I’ve seen what I needed from there. Do you have some destinations you liked but not need to repeat??


Love, T.